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wooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PARTY!!!...I DID IT! I DID IT!!! WHERE'S MY REWARD?!! look my very own Palekaiko fic that I wrote all by myself!...I'm so proud of me! read!! and tell me if ur OOC!
now let's c if I can get the lj cut stuff to work rite...

*JJ walks out to the middle of a giant stage and clears her throat before beginning to speak*

ok well I usually try not to write blurbs at the beginning of fics mostly cuz I think it ruins the flow but since there is no established flow to speak of I thought I’d write rite here. So to start off I have to say this isn’t going to be the greatest fic u ever read nor will it be mediocre....nope sorry to say this is going to blow you away! It’ll knock your socks off, it’ll leave you speechless ~Sasame: Enough with the cliches!~....geez ok ok! Well I have no idea where this will go or what I’m about to write so show me some mercy. All I know is I’m going to enjoy writing it because every character will be under my control and I can whap you all as many times as I like!! Alrighty then, on with the show! *bows off stage and a giant screen pops up as the film begins to play*

“Ugh!” came a feminine groan followed by wild thrashing noises. Finally silence once again reigned in the dense jungle as a cat eyed elemental covered in mud waited in the center of the clearing. She gathered some of the mud on her in her hands and waited patiently for the rest of her friends to catch up to her.
Spotting a telltale sign of reddish blonde hair behind the greenery she readied her aim and waited for its owner to emerge.
Kevin espied her through a break in the brush, eyes blazing with a fury he intended to see unleashed, but not on himself! No, he was smarter than that, at least. Knowing better than to get directly in the way of the fire elemental waiting for him he allowed her other friends to advance past him. While she raised her arm in preparation he grinned to himself and motioned for her friend Rachel to pass him. Rachel preceded him, casting a suspicious glance in his direction before making her way into the clearing.
Here he comes. The fiery elemental thought to herself a moment before releasing the mud and laughing her Naga-like laugh. “O ho ho ho ho. O ho ho ho ho ho.” Ashley laughed but when she looked up to gloat she didn’t see the mud covered elemental she’d expected. What she did see made her go cold.
There stood a seemingly angry, mud splattered air elemental projecting gusts of wind all around her in her fury. Without warning the fury was replaced by an amusement that chilled the fire elemental all the more. Before she could fully comprehend the sudden change Rachel scooped some mud from the still wet jungle floor and flung it back at her friend, laughter glittering in her turquoise eyes. As soon as it hit both girls ducked to grab more ammunition.
Laughter floated down to the ears of the gentle sound elemental who was attempting to lead the rest of their sodden and weary group to the clearing where the other two waited. “This way.” he stated quietly, managing to make his voice carry over all four of them. Sasame listened closely as he proceeded, ensuring that they weren’t caught off-guard by any pursuers.
While the first three continued forward the water elemental followed at a slower pace using a minimal amount of her power of erase their tracks in the mud. Hopefully that would keep their new enemies from catching up with them for at least a few days.
Sasame had used his powers of sound to discern what was happening and Rebekah could do the same but Rui was completely unprepared for the sight that met his eyes. One moment he felt, thru his connection with the earth, as if small pieces of him were being taken away only to be transplanted somewhere else. The next minute he saw the cause of this feeling and couldn’t help but laughing. They hadn’t had the chance to laugh too much since arriving in Rantaru. They arrived to find that Kevin had remained in the brush watching the mud fight in safety where as Brian had leapt into it with enthusiasm slinging mud at the burgundy haired fire elemental.
Rebekah attempted to watch at first but when mud accidently hit her she gave up and threw herself into the mud fight with spirit. Noticing the glazed look coming over Rui’s eyes she aimed a handful of mud at him. The brown filth accomplished what everyone’s laughter had not, it woke Rui up and when he his eyes found the source of the disturbance he couldn’t have been more pleased. When Rebekah turned her back on him, concentrating on ducking out of the way of the flying muck Rui took the opportunity to trip her and send her down into the sludge. However, Rui didn’t enjoy his victory for long when he found himself face-down in the slime beside Rebekah.
Kevin watched the mud fight with a mocking smile. While Ashley was occupied with defending herself from the couple slinging mud at her, he made his way to drier ground, staying clean in the process. Of course part of him wanted to join in but that would defeat the whole purpose of avoiding getting hit by Ashley in the first place. Besides, he’d much rather be able to observe the way they fought from his unobstructed view and allow his mind to travel to much more *pleasuerable* thoughts. (Ooooo He’s being a perv!)
Sasame moved to stand beside Kevin, a smile gracing his lips as he watched the battle. I’m glad they finally have something to laugh over. He thought to himself. After what happened at Rantaru I thought they may have given up. I should’ve known better.
The last member of the group to join the others in the clearing looked bewildered. She was erasing their tracks and thus had no idea what had happened to cause such a mess. Nevertheless, when she glanced around the clearing her eyes immediately fell on a silvery haired head. Eventually, her gaze went past him and rested on Kevin who wore a smug smile.
After noting that Ashley seemed to be the one covered in most of the ooze the facts seemed clear as day to her. Despite everyone’s insistence that she was a ditz the water elemental could be quite intelligent when it suited her purposes. She strode towards her fiery friend and with a quick whispered word or two she reminded Ashley why this had all started.
Gone was the smug smile. It had been replaced by a black scowl, that did not detract from the attractiveness of the ice elemental’s features, thought Ashley. However, before he could retaliate a steady rain poured down from above.
The excitement that filled the air before was replaced by moans and groans of agony at the thought of having to endure another day’s rain.
“Well if you guys hadn’t gotten yourselves all dirty in the middle of a jungle, away from any civilized place to stay, while a mob of villagers is chasing us I wouldn’t have to resort to using rain water to clean u off. Besides, ” JJ, the water elemental, continued wrinkling her nose. “you’ll make the food smell bad!” *All the other elementals sweatdrop or fall over anime style as soo as she makes this remark.*
“I should’ve known she cared more about her stomach than our being clean.” commented Ashley to everyone in general.
“That’s because she the Chocolate Goddess and needs to eat some at least once a day.” replied Rachel cheerily. *Rebekah and Ashley sweatdrop.*
“Anyway,” started Rui “since we have no where else to go right now why don’t we set up camp here. I’m getting sleepy.” he stated with a yawn. (Surprise surprise! ; ))
The eight then split up and began the task of getting a camp ready for the night. Sasame went off in search of firewood with Kevin since he was the only one the ice elemental seemed incapable of antagonizing. Maybe it had something to do with his voice or his element...
Rui went to work building two shelters out of the earth while Brian unpacked their belongings. JJ created a small well from which they could draw their drinking water for the night and Ashley, Rachel and Rebekah stood guard while waiting for Kevin and Sasame to return.
When the remaining two finally returned with enough wood to last the night Rachel and Rebekah went to work using the air to dry out the twigs. Burning wet wood was as good as going back to Rantaru and asking the villagers to kill them. It would send up far too much smoke. Finally Ashley began building a fire. They scheduled their guard duty for the night before turning in. Everyone was tired after the trying day they’d had.
It watched in silence as they all fell asleep one by one by one. Now would have been the perfect time for it to make it’s move. It focused its yellow green eyes on the girl with the black tresses. She was the one who had what it wanted. If only they had not set a guard. I will have to wait for him to sleep it decided.
Sasame relaxed and closed his eyes, listening for the slightest sound.
He heard murmurs coming from the girls’ shelter. It sounded suspiciously like, “No Mom, I want the big chocolate. It’s so yummy.”
Suddenly he heard a quiet rustling in the trees. The sound of a predator stalking its prey. Whatever it was probably assumed he’d fallen asleep he thought, listening carefully. He could almost hear it thinking, getting ready to pounce.
This will be my only chance it thought as it leapt....


Are you curious?? Me too! Let me know what happens!!
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